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The spine is a central power line from  which  several  subsidiary lines of varying  sizes  branch out in all directions .It is a long and wavy caterpillar shaped pillar of the human body with several nerves ,muscles ,tendons and ligaments emanating from it for the purpose of nourishing it as also connecting it with even the remotest tips of the body. This explains why even the slightest of injury in any part of the body affects the spine and contributes towards what is manifested at a later stage in form of a back pain. Unlike animals wherein the body weight is evenly distributed, human beings depend on the spine and hence are more prone to suffering even at the slightest aggravation.

There could be several reasons that could lead to excruciating back pain like an injury sustained by vertebral joints, undue strain on the back muscles and inflammation of nerve endings that are rooted in the spinal column. Accordingly, the objective of treatment entails a complete overview of each and every component of the spine and its restoration through a slow, systematic and natural procedure like that provided by bed.
What renders this device truly effective is the presence of jade stones within as also the coverage of rollers all along the spinal meridian. All that the user needs to do is lie down on the thermocare bed on his back and enjoy the feeling of warmth that pervades along his spinal column when the infrared rays are released by the jade crystals. Gradually, the heat generated permeates through to the nerves and muscles and reaches several internal organs like liver, kidneys, heart and even the brain. Thus, at the end of the treatment, the user is not just relaxed but invigorated too .

bed is the easiest and the most relaxing  method to maintain and improve ones health

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